To paraphrase Morpheus:

Welcome, to the Free world!

Do you love "the Cloud", but hate not being Free as you're used to? Well, then. This is the place for you!

On your own computer you can install whatever software you like. If you care about freedom you most likely try to use Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) as much as possible. That might mean that you use or LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox or Chromium instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Linux instead of Windows, etc. To find good FLOSS alternatives to proprietary software on the desktop has become quite easy in the recent years, and there are many websites that help you find FLOSS alternatives to proprietary apps. Open Source Alternative is one example.

But today we are moving into new territory. As the bandwidth becomes faster and as the web is getting more mature, more and more people are beginning to realize the convenience of having their apps and data online. Since you are here you are most likely one of them, and you do not need to be reminded of the reasons to use cloud computing. That is not the purpose of this wiki.

The purpose of this wiki is to make it as easy to choose a FLOSS application on the web as it is today to choose it on the desktop. If you go from LibreOffice to Google Docs or Zoho, you move in the wrong direction regarding Freedom. But if you don't know of any alternatives on the web, you will of course go for the available options, Free or not.

Therefor this wiki has been created to be a place to gather a list of all truly Free applications in the Cloud, so that you can take a fully informed decision and choose the app that suits you best, no matter to what degree Freedom influences your choice of software.

Please join us by creating and editing pages, just like you would on Wikipedia, about the FLOSS webapps you know of, and help the Web 2.0 become Web Two point Open!

Let's begin:

Here's a list of the FLOSS licenses that works best for apps in the cloud.

All your edits will, of course, be licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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